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Players train the Ranged skill to do more damage and have more accuracy with their ranged attacks and to be able to wield stronger and better ranging weapons.
Ranged can be trained in any form of range combat with any range weapon against Monsters or other players in the Wilderness. All attack styles will train the Ranged skill, however Longrange also partly trains Defence. In Emps-world you gain 80 Ranged experience per hit when using a ranged-only combat style.

A player can boost the Range skill by using Ranging potions or Super ranging potions made with Herblore, or by using range boosting Prayers like Eagle Eye.

Weapons based on Range level

A higher Range level will enable you to wield more and different kinds of range weapons and ammo. You can buy most ammo, bows and crossbows from Lowe in Varrock. Higher class equipment can be fletched, smithed or obtained from some monsters.

Image Weapon Required Range level
841.png Normal Short and Longbow 1
9174.png Bronze c'bow and Bronze bolts 1
843.png Oak Short and Longbow 5
886.png Arrows up to Steel 5
849.png Willow Short and Longbow 20
888.png Arrows up to Mithril 20
9177.png Iron c'bow and Iron bolts 26
853.png Maple Short and Longbow 30
890.png Arrows up to Adamant 30
9179.png Steel c'bow and Steel bolts 31
880.png Pearl bolts 35
9181.png Mithril c'bow and Mithril bolts 36
857.png Yew Short and Longbow 40
10280.png Willow comp bow 40
892.png Arrows up to Rune 40
10149.png Swamp lizard and Guam tar 40
9976.png Chinchompa 45
880.png Opal bolts 45
9183.png Adamant c'bow and Adamant bolts 46
861.png Magic Short and Longbow 50
10282.png Yew comp bow 50
10146.png Orange salamander and Marrentill tar 50
9977.png Red chinchompa 55
6724.png Seercull 60
10284.png Magic comp bow 60
11212.png Arrows up to Dragon 60
881.png Barbed bolts 60
10147.png Red salamander and Tarromin tar 60
9185.png Rune c'bow and Rune bolts 61
9174.png Blurite c'bow 65
4217.png Crystal bow 70
Elemental bow 70
Abyssal bow 70
4827.png Comp ogre bow 70
4734.png Karil's crossbow (with Bolt racks) 70
10148.png Black salamander and Harralander tar 70
23059.png Arrows up to Barrow 71
11235.png Dark bow 75
19162.png Arrows up to Zamorak 75
19152.png Arrows up to Saradomin 75
10156.png Hunters' crossbow 80
Elemental bow (fire) 80
Elemental bow (thunder) 80
Elemental bow (ice) 80
Elemental bow (nature) 80
19149.png Zamorak bow and arrows up to Zamorak 80
19143.png Saradomin bow and arrows up to Saradomin 80
23064.png Arrows up to Ancient 82
20171.png Zaryte bow 82
23150.png Bolts up to Ancient 83
23130.png Demon crossbow and bolts up to Ancient bolts 85
23109.png Demon longbow and arrows up to Ancient arrows 85

Range equipment

A higher Ranged level will also enable you to wield more and different kinds of range equipment, that gives you more ranging bonus:

Image Item Required Range level Other requirements
6733.png Archers' ring 1 N/A
15019.png Archers' ring(i) 1 N/A
15126.png Amulet of ranging 1 N/A
1129.png Leather armour 1 N/A
1133.png Studded leather armour 1 N/A
10822.png Yak-hide armour 20 20 Defence
6322.png Snakeskin armour 30 30 Defence
6133.png Spined armour 40 40 Defence
1135.png Green d'hide armour 40 40 Defence (body only)
3749.png Archer helm 45 45 Defence
8839.png Void knight armour 45 45 Strength, Magic, and Defence
11664.png Void ranger helm 45 45 Defence
2499.png Blue d'hide armour 50 40 Defence (body only)
10499.png Ava's accumulator 50 N/A
2501.png Red d'hide armour 60 40 Defence (body only)
2581.png Robin hood hat 60 N/A
2577.png Ranger boots 60 N/A
19785.png Elite void knight armour 65 65 Strength, Magic, and Defence
2503.png Black d'hide armour 70 40 Defence (body only)
19584.png Ancient d'hide armour 70 20 Prayer, 40 Defence
19586.png Armadyl d'hide armour 70 20 Prayer, 40 Defence
19582.png Bandos d'hide armour 70 20 Prayer, 40 Defence
11920.png Guthix d'hide armour 70 20 Prayer, 40 Defence
11922.png Saradomin d'hide armour 70 20 Prayer, 40 Defence
11924.png Zamorak d'hide armour 70 20 Prayer, 40 Defence
11852.png Karil's armour 70 70 Defence
21472.png Vanguard armour 72 72 Attack, 72 Defence
21467.png Trickster armour 72 72 Magic, 72 Defence
22646.png Armadyl armour 75 75 Defence
13740.png Divine spirit shield 75 75 Defence
13950.png Corrupt Morrigan's armour 78 20 Defence
13876.png Morrigan's armour 78 78 Defence
Glaiven gloves 80 80 Defence
21790.png Glaiven boots 80 80 Defence
11860.png Third-age range armour 80 80 Defence
22623.png Abyssal cape 80 80 Magic
20151.png Pernix armour 82 82 Defence