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The Wilderness, click to enlarge

The Wilderness is one of the main places where users and NPCs of various types can be found. It is also one of the only areas where players can freely attack other players (PvP). Due to this the wilderness is a very dangerous place.

Players need to jump over a wall to the north of Edgeville to enter the Wilderness. It does not require any level of Agility. Many Ancient spellbook teleports also lead to different places in the Wilderness, and Kolodion in Edgeville can give you an option to teleport you to the Mage bank who will give you access to the Mage arena which is in the Wilderness.

In the Wilderness there are depths of levels where users are able to attack players of a combat level that is within the level range. As an example; if your combat level is 3, and you enter 'level 1' of the Wilderness, anyone a level below, the same level, and one level higher, may be able to attack you. If you continue to move north the level of the area will increase, also increasing the range of players that may be able to attack you.

There's also an NPC named the Ghost captain that can teleport you to the Dagannoth cave, where Dagannoths can be killed.

If you continue deeper into the Wilderness there are also other Monsters you may find that can also be assigned by Slayer masters to kill for training your Slayer skill. Green dragons for example, can only be found in the Wilderness.