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A map of Edgeville

Edgeville is one of the main populated areas in the game, it is widely known for the Wilderness and it's center place of being close by other shops and resources.

Edgeville has banks, shops, and a Healer that users can use. There's also an NPC, known by Kolodion, that can give you the option to teleport to level 50+ Wilderness through an option when spoken too.

Players may also find Edgeville useful when Runecrafting due to the Dark mage in the Wilderness that can teleport you to the Abyss to craft all kinds of runes. The Ghost captain can also be found close to Edgeville in the Wilderness, teleporting players to Canifis and Waterbirth island. The Edgeville dungeon can be found just south of the bank in the ruins. The dungeon is filled with low level Monsters, and higher monsters, like Black demons.

Players can reach Edgeville by walking north from Barbarian village, or by using the Paddewa teleport on the Ancient spellbook.