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A Bank is a facility that allows players to deposit, store and withdraw their items. It is usually a standalone building, but sometimes takes the form of a chest, or even a non-player character. A Bank Deposit box allows players to deposit any items in their inventory, but does not allow for withdrawing items from their bank. The bank was later updated to have tabs for easier bank organization.

Banks are often popular locations for trading as players are right beside where they can keep most of their money and items. Banks are indicated on the World Map with a dollar (Dollar.png) icon.

A good way to withdraw a lot of items at once is to do the math in the box, which can be done by doing k's, m's or b's, k being 1,000, m being 1,000,000, and b being 1,000,000,000, example : "to withdraw 100,000,000, you can withdraw 100m."