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Gen store.png
The general store is run by the shopkeeper and can be found in almost every city and town, the most visited ones are located in Barbarian village, Varrock, Falador, Rimmington and Al-Kharid.

The general store sells a vast array of basic skilling materials as well as some herblore ingredients. You can sell any item you want to the general store, after which it will appear in the general store's list of purchasable goods and it can be bought again by any player that accesses a general store in Emps-World. Items sold to the general store will disappear after a small period of time, regardless whether it was bought by a player or not.

Shop stock

Image Stock Item Coins
229.png 25,000 Vial 1
221.png 1,500 Eye of newt 2
1973.png 1,000 Chocolate bar 11
1735.png 3 Shears 1
233.png 3 Pestle and mortar 3
590.png 3 Tinderbox 1
1351.png 3 Bronze hatchet 17
1265.png 3 Bronze pickaxe 1
1755.png 3 Chisel 1
2347.png 3 Hammer 1
946.png 3 Knife 6
952.png 3 Spade 2