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With Herblore players are able to create a lot of useful Potions that can be used for almost any skill in Emps-World, but mostly for combat.

Herblore is often combined with Farming, with Farming you can get all the herbs required for Herblore. A lot of Monsters also drop herbs and the secondary ingredients. Secondary ingredients can also be obtained from the General store. Click on the name of the herb or secondary ingredient to learn where to obtain it.

To train Herblore you need vials of water. These can be made by using empty Vials bought from the General store on a waterpump or other water source in Emps (for example the waterpump near the small Falador bank). You can also fill them with the Humidify spell on the Lunar spellbook.
Clean the herb you wish to make into a potion, use it on the vial of water, then use the secondary ingredient with the unfinished potion to finish your potion. Be careful, as some secondary ingredients are consumable!


Item Name Required Herblore level Experience
Guam 1 15
Marrentill 5 25
Tarromin 9 55
Harralander 15 100
Ranarr 25 125
Irit 30 200
Avantoe 28 240
Toadflax 39 245
Kwuarm 55 270
Snapdragon 62 295
Cadantine 68 325
Lantadyme 76 335
Dwarf weed
Dwarf weed 79 350
Torstol 82 375
Fellstalk 87 395


Item Name Ingredients Required Herblore level Experience
Attack potion
Attack potion Guam and an Eye of newt 1 125
Antipoison Marrentill and Unicorn horn dust 8 190
Strength potion
Strength potion Tarromin and a Limpwurt root 14 250
Restore potion
Restore potion Harralander and Red spiders' eggs 16 315
Energy potion
Energy potion Harralander and Chocolate dust 19 340
Defence potion
Defence potion Ranarr and White berries 26 375
Magic potion
Magic potion Ranarr and Eye of newt 29 390
Ranging potion
Ranging potion Irit and Feather 31 410
Prayer potion
Prayer potion Ranarr and Snape grass 35 440
Agility potion
Agility potion Toadflax and Toad's legs 40 460
Super attack
Super attack potion Irit and an Eye of newt 48 500
Super antipoison
Super antipoison Irit and Unicorn horn dust 52 530
Hunter potion
Hunter potion Avantoe and a Rabbit foot 53 540
Fishing potion
Fishing potion Avantoe and Snape grass 56 560
Super energy
Super energy potion Avantoe and Mort myre fungi 64 640
Super strength
Super strength potion Kwuarm and a Limpwurt root 70 675
Super restore
Super restore potion Snapdragon and Red spiders' eggs 74 745
Super defence
Super defence potion Cadantine and White berries 77 770
Super magic
Super magic potion Lantadyme and a Potato cactus 78 780
Super melee potion
Super melee potion Cadantine, Super attack potion, Super strength potion, Super defence potion 79 790
Super ranging
Super ranging potion Dwarf weed and a Wine of zamorak 80 795
Antifire potion
Antifire potion Lantadyme and Dragon scale dust 81 810
Zamorak brew
Zamorak brew Torstol and Jangerberries 83 855
Saradomin brew
Saradomin brew Toadflax and a Crushed nest 84 860
Barrow dye
Barrow dye Dye bottle and 500 Barrow dye shards 85 900
Blood dye
Blood dye Dye bottle and 500 Blood dye shards 85 900
Third-age dye
Third-age dye Dye bottle and 500 Third-age dye shards 85 900
Shadow dye
Shadow dye Dye bottle and 500 Shadow dye shards 85 900
Super prayer
Super prayer Prayer potion and an Large demon bones 86 940
Extreme attack
Extreme attack Super attack and an Avantoe 88 1,000
Extreme strength
Extreme strength Super strength and a Dwarf weed 89 1,050
Extreme defence
Extreme defence Super defence and a Lantadyme 90 1,100
Extreme magic
Extreme magic Super magic and Ground mud runes 91 1,150
Extreme ranging
Extreme ranging Super ranging and 5 Grenwall spikes 92 1,200
Super antifire
Super antifire Lantadyme and Black dragon scale dust 93 1,250
Prayer renewal
Prayer renewal Fellstalk and Morchella mushroom 94 1,400
Overload Extreme attack, Extreme strength, Extreme defence, Extreme magic, Extreme ranging, and a Torstol 96 2,000