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With the Farming skill, you are able to grow all kinds of trees and herbs. Farming is also very rewarding for a number of skills such as: Woodcutting, Herblore, Fletching, and Firemaking.

Farming patches

Not every patch in Emps-world is functional. There are 6 tree patches and 23 herb patches available.
There is a tree patch in Falador park, north-east of the teleport spot in Al-Kharid (members only), in the garden of Varrock palace, near the White wolf mountain in Catherby, west of Lumbridge castle and north-west of the teleport spot in Rimmington.

You can find 12 herb patches north of Catherby, 3 south of Barbarian, and 8 near the farm south-east of Falador.

Farming tools

To begin farming, you will need to buy the required farming tools from the Leprechaun who is located next to most farming patches. You will need a plant pot to put a tree seed in, a watering can to water your crops (you can refill it at the waterpump in Falador), a rake to rake your crops, a spade to dig up your fully grown trees, a seed dibber to plant herb seeds and a trowel to plant tree saplings.

There is also something called a Magic watering can, which holds an infinite amount of water for farming.

Farming Tools.png

Growing trees

Get your tree seeds from almost any monster in Emps.

Use a tree seed on a plant pot and then use a filled watering can on the plant pot to get a sapling. Use the sapling with a trowel while standing near a tree patch to plant it. You can also use the sapling on the mud in the patch. This action does not grant you experience yet.

Come back once in a while (a stage takes 4 min) to check on it to see if it needs raking (with a rake from the Leprechaun) or watering. Every time you rake, you will be given 520 Farming experience, and every time you water something, you will be given 525 Farming experience. Every tree has about 10 to 12 stages. During these stages, you will need to rake or water your tree. The last stage will automatically give you the last batch of Farming experience (harvest experience). Use a spade on the tree to remove it or dig close to the tree patch. You can also cut it for logs first if you want to, then remove the stump with a spade. After that you can plant a new tree again.

image Seed Tree Required level Harvest XP
5312.png Acorn Oak tree 1 2,350
5313.png Willow seed Willow tree 30 8,600
5314.png Maple seed Maple tree 45 17,060
5315.png Yew seed Yew tree 60 34,505
5316.png Magic seed Magic tree 75 51,060
5317.png Spirit seed Spirit tree* 89 65,600

*Note: you will not be able to cut down the spirit tree, it'll just stop displaying a message to rake or water it when it is finished.

Growing herbs

Get herb seeds from various monsters or by stealing from Farmers and Master farmers.

You can use the mud patches north of Catherby and south-east of Falador to grow your herbs in. You will plant two herbs for each patch if you have 2 seeds. Use a seed with a seed dibber while standing near a patch to plant it or use the seed on the mud patch. After 4 minutes your herbs will grow into a new stage, and you have to rake or water it to start the next stage. Every time you rake you will be given 520 Farming experience, and every time you water it you will be given 525 Farming experience.

You will receive farming experience for completing each stage and receive extra experience when your herb is fully grown. A herb takes 5 stages of about 4 minutes to grow. 3 of those stages will award you with 520 XP, regardless whether you watered it or raked it. That means you get about 1,520 XP for each herb plant extra. When your herbs are fully grown you will automatically gain some xp for growing them, and you can pick them to get up to 16 grimy herbs (if your farming level is up to 10 levels higher than the required level). Picking herbs grants you XP for each picked herb, so it might be worthwhile to farm a little lower leveled herbs instead!

Be careful as herbs can get deceased and die if you leave them unattended for too long (over 64 minutes)! If the herbs die, you will need to clear them with a spade and plant new ones. You will not receive any experience for this.
Herbs that are already fully grown will not die if you leave them unattended.

Image Herb Required level XP for growing XP per harvest
199.png Guam 9 51 60
201.png Marrentill 15 63 75
203.png Tarromin 19 76 90
205.png Harralander 26 102 110
207.png Ranarr 32 127 150
3049.png Toadflax 38 161 190
209.png Irit 44 208 245
211.png Avantoe 50 263 310
213.png Kwuarm 56 348 410
3051.png Snapdragon 62 420 505
215.png Cadantine 67 510 600
2485.png Lantadyme 73 646 780
217.png Dwarf weed 79 816 920
219.png Torstol 85 956 1,125
21626.png Fellstalk 88 1,075 1,265

Growing plants

Plants can be grown on the same patches as herbs. The process of planting them and growing them is identical to herbs as well. You can get the seeds from Farmers and Master farmers.

Image Plant Required level XP per harvest
1942.png Potato 10 84
1957.png Onion 22 126
1965.png Cabbage 40 246
225.png Limpwurt root 44 230
1982.png Tomato 53 414
5504.png Strawberry 64 606
5986.png Sweetcorn 71 888
5982.png Watermelon 83 1,050
21622.png Morchella mushroom 90 1,400