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With Firemaking you can burn logs to create fires for you and other players to cook on. This skill is mostly just leveled for the Firemaking skillcape, as it doesn't have very many uses. You can light a fire to cook on, but there are plenty of places to cook that don't require you to light a fire every once in a while. You may also need 50 firemaking to get to the inner ring of the abyss depending on which passage you go through.

The higher your Firemaking level is compared to the requirement for the logs, the quicker you will burn them. The burning time of a log is increased by higher level logs.

To train Firemaking you need to use a Tinderbox, bought from the General store, on any log that is within your level.


Image Logs Required Firemaking level Firemaking XP
1511.png Logs 1 280
1521.png Oak logs 18 420
1519.png Willow logs 33 630
6333.png Teak logs 38 735
1517.png Maple logs 48 945
6332.png Mahogany logs 53 1,106
10810.png Arctic pine logs 60 1,309
1515.png Yew logs 63 1,421
1513.png Magic logs 78 2,128