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With Thieving players can pickpocket gold or objects of certain NPCs. This includes Coins, Gems and various other items. Not all NPCs can be pickpocketed, there are certain NPCs or stalls in Emps-World that allow stealing. These are indicated by a pickpocket or steal option in the rightclick menu.

Thieving is an excellent source of many herb seeds for Farming. You can get various Seeds from Farmers and Master farmers.

The higher the difference between the required Thieving level and your own Thieving level, the bigger your pickpocket chance on success will be. You can decrease your chances of getting caught by wearing a strung rabbit foot. If you fail pickpocketing the NPC will stun you and lightly damage you for a few seconds. Stalls do not depend on your Thieving skill, but rather if you're in line of sight with a guardian or owner of the stall. If a Guard spots you, they will start attacking you and you will have to move out of range or kill them to continue stealing.

NPCs virtually have an unending supply of coins and can be pickpocketed at any time. Stalls however will run out of stock if you pickpocket them for about 4 times, and the stock will respawn in a few seconds.


NPC Required Thieving level Thieving experience Possible loot Location
Man/Woman 1 94 Coins Anywhere in big cities
Farmer 10 119 Low herb Seeds Falador park, South of Falador on the farm
Warrior 25 187 Coins Can be found in Al-Kharid
Rogue 32 206 Coins Can be found deep in the high Wilderness
Guard 40 312 Coins Can be found in most major cities
Knight 55 341 Coins At Ardougne square there are some Knights of Ardougne
Pollnivneach villager 60 474 Coins In Pollnivneach
Watchman 65 502 Coins Can be found in Burthorpe castle
Paladin (lv-62) 70 561 Coins Can be found in Ardougne castle
Pollnivneach bandit 71 571 Coins in Pollnivneach
Master farmer 75 623 Herb seeds South of Falador on the farm
Hero 80 689 Coins In Ardougne and as guard of the Gem stall in Al-Kharid


Stall Thieving level Thieving XP Possible loot Location
Market stall 1 Coins Varrock
Fur stall 10 220 Fur Varrock, Ardougne
Spice stall 20 340 Spice and food ingredients Ardougne
Baker's stall 30 460 Bread, slice of (chocolate) cake Ardougne
Fish stall 34 508 Raw fish Rellekka
Silk stall 45 640 Silk Al-Kharid, Ardougne
Silver stall 55 760 Silver bars, Unholy symbols and Holy symbols Ardougne, Pollnivneach
Gem stall 80 1060 Gems up to Dragonstone Al-Kharid, Ardougne