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Master farmer

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Master farmers are NPCs that can be pickpocketed when you have a Thieving level of 75 for a variation of mid and high tier Seeds.
Unlike their normal counterparts; the Farmers, the master farmers can not be attacked and do not have a combat level.
Two Master farmers can be found at the the same farm that the normal Farmers reside in, just south of Falador.

Pickpocketing Master farmers will grant 623 Thieving experience, however you will quite a high chance of failing and being stunned at levels 75 to 90 so it is advised that you steal from Stalls if you would like to level, and to only pickpocket Master farmers purely for their seeds which are used in Farming.


There are two Master farmers found South of Falador shown in the picture below.
There is also one unique Master farmer NPC; Martin the Master Gardener who can also be pickpocketed, he is located in Varrock.

You will also find five normal Farmers located in the same area. They will require a lower Thieving level to pickpocket, and give low to mid tier Seeds for Farming

Location of Farmers and Master Farmers

Possible Pickpocket Loot

Food Seeds

Item Name Quantity Rarity
Strawberry seed
Strawberry seed 3 - 6 Common (17.0%)
Sweetcorn seed
Sweetcorn seed 3 - 6 Common (17.0%)
Watermelon seed
Watermelon seed 3 - 6 Common (11.0%)

Herb Seeds

Item Name Quantity Rarity
Kwuarm seed
Kwuarm seed 1 - 3 Uncommon (10.0%)
Snapdragon seed
Snapdragon seed 1 - 3 Uncommon (10.0%)
Cadantine seed
Cadantine seed 1 - 3 Uncommon (7.5%)
Lantadyme seed
Lantadyme seed 1 - 3 Uncommon (7.5%)
Dwarf weed seed
Dwarf weed seed 1 - 3 Rare (5.0%)
Torstol seed
Torstol seed 1 - 3 Rare (5.0%)

Tree Seeds

Item Name Quantity Rarity
Willow seed
Willow seed 1 Uncommon (5.5%)
Maple seed
Maple seed 1 Rare (3.0%)
Yew seed
Yew seed 1 Rare (1.5%)