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A picture of Pollnivneach

Pollnivneach is a town located in the Kharidian Desert.Pollnivneach is an ideal spot to train the Thieving skill, you can thieve Pollnivneach villagers and Bandits there.

Location on World Map
Shantay pass
Desert mining camp Pollnivneach River Elid
Agility pyramid


  • You can teleport to Pollnivneach by Pollnivneach teleport tablet or by casting the Pollnivneach teleport, this method requires a Magic level of 78 and the Lunar spellbook. The teleport requires four Water runes, two Law runes and two Astral runes.
  • From the Shantay pass you can talk with a Rug merchant, you can choose if you want to be teleported to you to Pollnivneach.
  • Ofcourse you can also walk from the Shantay pass to Pollnivneach, however this is barely used since it's the slowest method.