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A map of Rellekka

Rellekka is a big city in the north of Emps-World. It's populated by a lot of Fremennik NPCs and players can do various things here, like a bank, smelting and smithing and several shops. Active members can go to this city for Jossik Slayer tasks, and the Rellekka slayer dungeon is around there as well.

The easiest way to reach Rellekka is to use the teleport option on the Ring of duelling or by setting your Home teleport to Rellekka. Players can also walk north from Camelot to reach the city by walking. Members can also take a ship from Al-kharid for a fee of 50 coins.

Rellekka also grants players access to the Island of Neitiznot, which features gem rocks for Mining and a bank aswell. There are lots of individual citizens around, which you can pickpocket or talk to.

NPCs and features