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Island of Neitiznot

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Neitiznot island.png

You can get to the Island of Neitiznot by using the games necklace, by choosing Travel-Neitiznot option on the sailor behind the Al-Kharid bank or by talking to the sailor located on the docks at Rellekka. It will cost you 50 coins to travel.
The most popular reasons why the island is visited are Frost dragons, gem rocks, yaks for yak hair that can be spun into rope for free players using the Crafting skill, and also a rather close bank to a Clay forge, which can be used to and smelt ores. An Agility level of 65 is required to get to Gem rocks and Frost dragons.

This is also the only place with Arctic pines, that can be cut down with 57 Woodcutting.