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Catherby, a town that's a little bit fishy.

Catherby is a village near Camelot and the White wolf mountain. Players can reach Catherby by teleporting to Camelot (or using a Camelot teletab with the Normal spellbook, teleporting to Catherby with the Lunar spellbook or by walking through White wolf mountain from Falador. Catherby is mainly attractive for users who cook and fish because of the close distances between the Fishing spots and a bank, and also for the Archery Emporium store, a range close to the bank, and some Yew trees west of the town. You can use the two farm patches for herbs north of Catherby, and a tree patch at the eastern beach to train your Farming. That's why players sometimes prefer to train Woodcutting, Farming, Cooking and Fishing at Catherby.

Catherby bank is also the nearest place for players to bank if they are fighting Metal dragons or Fire giants at the White wolf mountain entrance of Rimmington dungeon.

When players go upstairs at the Black dragons in Barbarian dungeon, they'll find themselves on an island just south of the beach of Catherby. There is no way for players to pass the small bit of sea though.