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Barbarian dungeon

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Barbarian dungeon. Click to enlarge.

The dungeon in the middle of Barbarian village is one of the biggest dungeons of Emps-World. There are plenty of low leveled monsters and high-leveled monsters.
It is a favourite dungeon for starter players to level up, and is often visited for easy Slayer tasks from the Slayer master Chaeldar, and sometimes for harder tasks.

To protect starter players from the stronger monsters in the dungeon, you cannot simply enter the deepest parts. Members can use the Agility shortcuts directly at the beginning of the dungeon to enter the deepest parts. Non-members will have to obtain a Dusty key from the Jailer in the Black knights area to open the door between the Lesser demons and the Blue dragons.



  • When you climb up the ladder behind the Black dragons, you will find yourself on an island close to Catherby.