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Black knight

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Black knights can be found on Ice mountain near their castle, and underground deep in Barbarian dungeon, near the Jailer. They drop various armour pieces and weapons and many useful Herbs.


Item Name Quantity Rarity
Bones 1 Always
Black plateskirt
Mithril 2h sword
Mithril battleaxe
Mithril chainbody
Mithril dagger
Mithril full helm
Mithril longsword
Mithril mace
Mithril med helm
Mithril platebody

Mithril platelegs
Mithril scimitar
Mithril spear
Mithril sq shield
Mithril sword
Mithril warhammer
Steel pickaxe
1 Common (12.5%)
Coins 1000 - 2500 Uncommon (10.0%)
Adamant 2h sword
Adamant battleaxe
Adamant chainbody
Adamant dagger
Adamant full helm
Adamant longsword
Adamant mace
Adamant med helm
Adamant pickaxe
Adamant platebody

Adamant platelegs
Adamant plateskirt
Adamant scimitar
Adamant spear
Adamant sq shield
Adamant sword
Adamant warhammer
1 Uncommon (7.5%)
Iron arrow
Iron arrow 5 - 15 Rare (5.0%)
Grimy guam
Grimy guam 1 Rare (4.0%)
Grimy harralander
Grimy harralander 1 Rare (4.0%)
Grimy marrentill
Grimy marrentill 1 Rare (4.0%)
Grimy ranarr
Grimy ranarr 1 Rare (4.0%)
Grimy tarromin
Grimy tarromin 1 Rare (4.0%)
Guam seed
Guam seed 2 - 3 Rare (4.0%)
Marrentill seed
Marrentill seed 1 - 2 Rare (4.0%)
Potato seed
Potato seed 3 - 5 Rare (4.0%)
Tarromin seed
Tarromin seed 1 - 2 Rare (4.0%)
Air talisman
Body talisman
Earth talisman
Fire talisman
Mind talisman
Water talisman
1 Rare (3.5%)
Iron gloves
Iron gloves 1 Rare (2.5%)
Iron boots
Iron boots 1 Rare (2.5%)
Steel gloves
Steel gloves 1 Rare (2.5%)
Steel arrow
Steel arrow 5 - 15 Rare (2.5%)
Steel boots
Steel boots 1 Rare (2.5%)
Rune 2h sword
Rune battleaxe
Rune chainbody
Rune dagger
Rune full helm
Rune longsword
Rune mace
Rune med helm
Rune pickaxe
Rune platebody

Rune platelegs
Rune plateskirt
Rune scimitar
Rune spear
Rune sq shield
Rune sword
Rune warhammer
1 Rare (2.5%)
Black gloves
Black gloves 1 Rare (2.0%)
Black boots
Black boots 1 Rare (2.0%)
Mithril arrow
Mithril arrow 5 - 15 Rare (2.0%)
Adamant arrow
Adamant arrow 5 - 15 Rare (1.5%)
Mithril gloves
Mithril gloves 1 Rare (1.5%)
Mithril boots
Mithril boots 1 Rare (1.5%)
Muddy skull
Muddy skull 1 Very Rare (0.1%)