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Poison has a lot of different forms in Emps-World, but overall it has the same function: It deals a certain amount of damage over time, generally every 6 turns of a whip attack, and it gradually decreases in damage until the poison clears off after a while.

Both players and NPCs are able to inflict and be affected by poison, although not every NPC actually does inflict poison. If an NPC does inflict poison, the damage value will be indicated at the NPC infobox at his wiki page.

Players can inflict poison of varying damage in several ways: with a poisoned weapon (daggers, spears, hastas up to rune), poisoned projectiles (enchanted bolts, arrows, darts, javelins, knives) or a magic spell that poisons (generally smoke spells in the Ancient spellbook). Depending on the grade of poison that has been used, it'll inflict lower or higher damage.

Poison is a neutral damage, meaning it will not give you experience.

Donator members can buy weak and stronger Weapon poison from the Poison salesman in Al-Kharid. These potions can be used by all players to poison daggers, spears, arrows, darts, javelins, hastae and knives. The weak posion (p+) will inflict 3 damage every 6 turns, and the stronger poison (p++ or s) will inflict 6 damage every 6 turns. Enchanted emerald bolts will inflict 10 damage and shadow spells can inflict 6 to 8 damage, depending on the rank of the spell.

When attacking with a weapon or spell that may inflict poison, a player has 33% chance to actually inflict poison on the target. A special attack will always poison the target immediately.

Poisonous NPCs