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Hellhounds can be found in the Slayer tower, deep in the Wilderness (just east of the Deserted keep), deep in Barbarian dungeon and in Ancient caves. All locations except Barbarian dungeon are Multi-combat areas.

It is advised to use Protect from melee when fighting them, although it's possible to kill them without prayer, but they hit often and quite hard. They can be assigned as a slayer task by Vannaka, Duradel and Shenven.


Item Name Quantity Rarity
Bones 1 Always
Coins 4000 - 8000 Common (22.7%)
Rune 2h sword
Rune battleaxe
Rune chainbody
Rune dagger
Rune full helm
Rune longsword
Rune mace
Rune med helm
Rune pickaxe
Rune platebody

Rune platelegs
Rune plateskirt
Rune scimitar
Rune spear
Rune sq shield
Rune sword
Rune warhammer
1 Common (11.2%)
Fire rune
Fire rune 25 - 100 Uncommon (10.0%)
Steel bar
Steel bar 1 - 3 Uncommon (10.0%)
Swordfish 1 Uncommon (10.0%)
1 Uncommon (10.0%)
Avantoe seed
Cadantine seed
Irit seed
Kwuarm seed
Snapdragon seed
Strawberry seed
Sweetcorn seed
1 - 3 Uncommon (10.0%)
Chaos rune
Chaos rune 25 - 100 Uncommon (5.1%)
Dwarf weed seed
Fellstalk seed
Lantadyme seed
Torstol seed
Watermelon seed
1 - 3 Uncommon (5.1%)
Dwarf weed
Grimy fellstalk
1 Uncommon (5.1%)
Dragon 2h sword
Dragon arrowtips
Dragon battleaxe
Dragon chainbody
Dragon dagger
Dragon halberd
Dragon longsword
Dragon mace
Dragon med helm
Dragon platelegs

Dragon plateskirt
Dragon scimitar
Dragon spear
Infinity boots
Infinity bottoms
Infinity gloves
Infinity hat
Infinity top
Ranger boots
Robin hood hat

Runite limbs
Shield left half
Shield right half
Sidero bar
1 Very Rare (0.8%)
Muddy skull
Muddy skull 1 Very Rare (0.1%)