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Slayer tower

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The slayer tower, click to enlarge

The Slayer tower is a great building with 3 floors that contains many Slayer monsters. It is located north-west from Canifis. Many members visit this tower to slay the monsters to complete their slayer tasks. Players can use the spiky chains or the stairs to move between the floors.

There are currently two ways to get here pretty fast. The first way is by speaking with the Ghost captain, who is located in Falador park. He is able to teleport you to Canifis. From there on, just walk west out of the city and then simply follow the path going north.

The second and fastest way to get here is by using a Ferocious ring. You can buy these as a reward from Slayer points. It will cost you 150 points and it has 5 charges. When you choose the teleport, it will teleport you straight to the entrance of the tower.

For the last floor however, players need a Tower key that is dropped by the Gargoyles on the second floor to go through the door between the Gargoyles and the Abyssal demons. Players who use the spiky chains would not need a key. You can also obtain a key by picking it up on the first floor, near the Hellhounds.


The slayer tower floors, click to enlarge

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3


There is a looting issue on the second floor, especially near the Cockatrices. Players may sometimes not be able to pick up their loot. If this happens, you should relog so you can pick up later drops (your current drop will most likely disappear). Be sure you are always able to pick up your drops in case a valuable drop appears.