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A map of Lumbridge

Lumbridge is a town located south of Varrock and west of Al-Kharid. It can be accessed by using Falador teleport, teleporting to Draynor village and walking east or teleporting to Al-Kharid and walking west to the Lumbridge Swamp and then north.

People usually visit Lumbridge to get slayer tasks from Mazchna or to use the tree farming patch behind the Lumbridge castle. You can also ask Bob here to repair your barrow items or your Crystal bow. There's a bank at the 3rd floor of the Lumbridge castle, and there is a banker in the house east of the general store. Alternatively people may want to visit the town to check how much damage they can deal using a dummy.

Location on World Map
Draynor village Lumbridge Al-Kharid
Lumbridge swamp


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