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Smithing is considered as one of the hardest and most expensive skills, because the xp rates are low and the bars require a lot of time to smelt and gather. The Smithing skill uses the ores obtained with the Mining skill to smelt bars and smith items out of them on an anvil. For nearly every bar you need several ores to refine it and for nearly every item you need multiple bars, thus the Smithing skill requires high amounts of ores to advance.


To smelt bars you need ores obtained with the Mining skill. You use one of the ores on a Furnace to start smelting bars. In Emps-World the iron ores will turn into iron bars with a success rate of 100%. All bars can also be smelted with the Superheat Item spell on the normal spellbook, this requires a Magic level of 43. Smelting bars does not have any kind of smithing level requirement.

You can boost the smithing XP you gain by 5% by wearing the Goldsmith gauntlets while either smelting bars at a furnace or while using the superheat spell. This XP boost applies to every kind of bar.

Image Resources Bar Smelting XP
2349.png Tin ore and Copper ore Bronze bar 24
2351.png Iron ore Iron bar 60
2355.png Silver ore Silver bar 92
2353.png Iron ore and 1 Coal Steel bar 128
2357.png Gold ore Gold bar 152
2359.png Mithril ore and 2 Coal Mithril bar 200
2361.png Adamant ore and 3 Coal Adamant bar 288
2363.png Runite ore and 4 Coal Rune bar 380



To start smithing you need bars and a hammer bought from the general store. Find an anvil, for example in Varrock, use the bar on the anvil and an interface will appear asking you what item you'd like to smith.

Smithing items that require more bars at the same time will speed up smithing a full inventory of bars, but smithing arrowheads or bolts might be more profitable.

Below is a smithing experience table of the amount of smithing experience that you can gain from every bar you smith and the minimum level you need for smithing it.

You can boost the smithing XP you gain by 10% by using the blast fusion hammer instead of a normal hammer.

Image Bar Smithing level Smithing XP
Bronze bar
Bronze bar 1 100
Iron bar
Iron bar 12 180
Steel bar
Steel bar 24 260
Mithril bar
Mithril bar 41 340
Adamant bar
Adamant bar 57 430
Chalkos bar
Chalkos bar 63 410
Rune bar
Rune bar 69 560
Sidero bar
Sidero bar 73 540
Atsali bar
Atsali bar 83 660
Chrysos bar
Chrysos bar 93 800

Full tables of what item you can smith on what level, how many bars they require to make and how much XP they will grant can be found on the bars' respective pages.

Smithing special equipment

On higher levels players can also smith parts of strong items. The parts are generally dropped by strong Monsters.

Image Item Components Smithing Smithing XP
11283.png Dragonfire shield Draconic visage and Anti-dragon shield 90 1046
11690.png Godsword blade Godsword shard 1, 2 and 3 90 1066
14479.png Dragon platebody Ruined dragon armour slice, shard and lump 90 966