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Players train the Strength skill to be able to deal higher damage in a fight. Some weapons also require a certain Strength level.
Strength can be trained in any form of melee combat with almost any weapon against Monsters or other players in the Wilderness. A player must use the second combat style (generally Slash) to gain Strength experience. In Emps-world you gain 80 Strength experience per hit.

A player can boost the Strength skill by using Strength potions, Super strength potions or Zamorak brews made with the Herblore skill. With potions players can reach a maximum Strength level of 122.

Weapons based on Strength

A higher Strength level will also enable you to wield certain kinds of melee weapons:

Image Weapon Required level Other requirements
Granite maul
Granite maul 50 50 Attack
Saradomin sword
Saradomin sword 50 75 Attack
Anger sword
Anger sword 50 75 Attack
Anger spear
Anger spear 50 75 Attack
Tzhaar-ket-om 60 N/A
Barrelchest anchor
Barrelchest anchor 60 50 Attack
Dharok's greataxe
Dharok's greataxe 70 70 Attack
Anger battleaxe
Anger battleaxe 75 50 Attack
Anger mace
Anger mace 75 50 Attack
Bandos godsword
Bandos godsword 75 75 Attack
Zamorak godsword
Zamorak godsword 75 75 Attack
Saradomin godsword
Saradomin godsword 75 75 Attack
Armadyl godsword
Armadyl godsword 75 75 Attack
Corrupt Vesta's longsword
Corrupt Vesta's longsword 78 20 Attack
Corrupt Vesta's spear
Corrupt Vesta's spear 78 20 Attack
Corrupt Statius's warhammer
Corrupt Statius's warhammer 78 20 Attack
Vesta's longsword
Vesta's longsword 78 78 Attack
Vesta's spear
Vesta's spear 78 78 Attack
Statius's warhammer
Statius's warhammer 78 78 Attack
Zamorakian spear
Zamorakian spear 80 80 Attack
Gladiator maul
Gladiator maul 80 80 Attack

Armour based on Strength

A higher Strength level will also enable you to wield certain kinds of armour:

Image equipment Required level Other requirements
Bronze gloves
Bronze gloves 5 6 Hitpoints
Iron gloves
Iron gloves 10 11 Hitpoints
Steel gloves
Steel gloves 18 21 Hitpoints
Black gloves
Black gloves 26 31 Hitpoints
Mithril gloves
Mithril gloves 34 41 Hitpoints
Adamant gloves
Adamant gloves 42 51 Hitpoints
Void knight armour
Void knight armour 45 45 Defence, Magic, and Ranged
Void melee helm
Void melee helm 45 45 Defence and Attack
Rune gloves
Rune gloves 50 61 Hitpoints, 30 Defence
Granite armour
Granite armour 50 50 Defence
Dragon gloves
Dragon gloves 58 71 Hitpoints, 40 Defence
Barrow gloves
Barrow gloves 70 86 Hitpoints, 55 Defence
Bandos armour
Bandos armour 75 75 Defence
Dragonfire shield
Dragonfire shield 75 75 Defence
Corrupt Statius's armour
Corrupt Statius's armour 78 20 Defence
Corrupt Vesta's armour
Corrupt Vesta's armour 78 20 Defence
Statius's armour
Statius's armour 78 78 Defence
Vesta's armour
Vesta's armour 78 78 Defence