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Players train the Attack skill to be more accurate in their attacks and to be able to wield stronger and better melee weapons. Attack can be trained in any form of melee combat with any weapon against Monsters or other players in the Wilderness. A player must use the first combat style of a melee weapon (generally Chop or Stab) to gain any Attack experience. You can see if a combat style trains attack by hovering over it and waiting until the tool-tip appears. In Emps-world you gain 40 Attack experience per hit.

A player can boost the Attack skill by using Attack potions or Super attack potions made with the Herblore skill. With Potions, players can reach a maximum Attack level of 119.

A higher Attack level will enable you to hit more accurate in melee combat. You will significantly hit more often in a fight. Defence is the contrary of Attack: it decreases the accuracy of your foe (unlike popular believe that it decreases the max hit).

A higher Attack level will also enable you to wield more and different kinds of melee weapons:

Image Item Required level Other requirements
747.png Glowing dagger 1
1321.png Bronze weapons 1
1323.png Iron weapons 1
1325.png Steel weapons 5
1327.png Black weapons 10
11367.png Bronze hasta 10
6611.png White weapons 15
11369.png Iron hasta 20
1329.png Mithril weapons 20
13929.png Corrupt weapons 20 78 Strength
11371.png Steel hasta 30
1331.png Adamant weapons 30
1333.png Rune weapons 40
11373.png Mithril hasta 40
11375.png Adamant hasta 50
4153.png Granite maul 50 50 Strength
10887.png Barrelchest anchor 50 60 Strength
7807.png Anger battleaxe 50 75 Strength
7808.png Anger mace 50 75 Strength
11377.png Rune hasta 60
4587.png Dragon weapons 60
4158.png Leaf-bladed spear 60 60 Slayer
8841.png Void knight mace 60 60 Magic
6527.png Obsidian weapons 60
10200.png Donator blades 60
10246.png Dragon hasta 70
13973.png Corrupt dragon weapons 70
4151.png Abyssal whip 70
10187.png Donator whips 70
4718.png Dharok's greataxe 70
4726.png Guthan's warspear 70
4747.png Torag's hammers 70
4755.png Verac's flail 70
11730.png Saradomin sword 70 50 Strength
18349.png Chaotic rapier 72 72 Slayer
18353.png Chaotic maul 72 72 Slayer
18351.png Chaotic longsword 72 72 Slayer
7806.png Anger sword 75 50 Strength
7809.png Anger spear 75 50 Strength
11696.png Bandos godsword 75 75 Strength
11700.png Zamorak godsword 75 75 Strength
11698.png Saradomin godsword 75 75 Strength
11694.png Armadyl godsword 75 75 Strength
13738.png Arcane spirit shield 75 75 Defence
13899.png Non-corrupt weapons 78 78 Strength
21787.png Steadfast boots 80 80 Defence
11716.png Zamorakian spear 80 80 Strength