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Dragon weapons

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Dragon weapons require an Attack of 60 to wield, with the exception of the Dragon hasta which requires 70. Various dragons and other monsters drop these weapons.

Image Weapon Required Attack level
1215.png Dragon dagger 60
5680.png Dragon dagger (p+) 60
5698.png Dragon dagger (p++) 60
1249.png Dragon spear 60
5716.png Dragon spear (p+) 60
5730.png Dragon spear (p++) 60
4587.png Dragon scimitar 60
1305.png Dragon longsword 60
15259.png Dragon pickaxe 60
1434.png Dragon mace 60
6739.png Dragon hatchet 60
1377.png Dragon battleaxe 60
3204.png Dragon halberd 60
7158.png Dragon 2h sword 60
14484.png Dragon claws 60
Dhastathumb.png Dragon hasta 70