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Ice strykewyrm

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Ice strykewyrms can be found in a cave west from the Frozen waste plateau. The cave will look like the entrance of a big castle that is located directly west when walking up the snow pathway onto the Frozen waste plateau. The area around the cave resides in the Wilderness, but the cave itself is safe. Beware of Pkers that might be waiting.

You can reach the cave by talking to Kolodion in Edgeville who will teleport you next to the Mage arena, from there walk west past the Wildy wyrm and the Wilderness agility course, onto the Frozen waste plateau. You can also directly teleport to the Frozen waste plateau with the Ice plateau teleport. This requires level 89 Magic, the Lunar spellbook and 3 Law runes, 3 Astral runes and 8 Water runes.

Ice strykewyrms require level 87 Slayer to damage them, making them only available to players with an Active membership. They can be assigned as a slayer task by Duradel and Shenven.

Magic and Range are the best choice when facing the ice strykewyrms. It is strongly advised to kill them from a safe distance while using the Protect from Magic Prayer. By doing this you can avoid their melee attacks and reduce their magical damage.

The ice strykewyrms are burrowed underground when you enter the cave. When clicking inspect mound, they will appear on the surface. This will not deal any damage, even if you are standing too close. During combat the ice strykewyrms may burrow underground again and reappear at another place. Players should run away and this time not investigate the mound, as it will appear by itself and damage you if you are too close (upto 20).


Item Name Quantity Rarity
Coins 5989 - 24896 Common (13.0%)
Monkfish 1 Common (10.4%)
Blood rune
Blood rune 7 - 22 Uncommon (10.0%)
Water rune
Water rune 37 - 62 Uncommon (10.0%)
Dragon mace
Dragon mace 1 Uncommon (6.0%)
Dragon med helm
Dragon med helm 1 Uncommon (6.0%)
Magic logs
Magic logs 4 - 22 Uncommon (6.0%)
Rune med helm
Rune med helm 1 Uncommon (6.0%)
Rune platebody
Rune platebody 1 Uncommon (6.0%)
Uncut ruby
Uncut ruby 2 - 4 Uncommon (6.0%)
Crushed nest
Crushed nest 1 - 4 Rare (5.0%)
Rune bar
Rune bar 3 - 6 Rare (5.0%)
Uncut dragonstone
Uncut dragonstone 1 - 3 Rare (5.0%)
Onyx bolt tips
Onyx bolt tips 11 - 27 Rare (3.0%)
Atsali bar
Atsali bar 1 Rare (2.0%)
Glaiven boots
Glaiven boots 1 Very Rare (0.2%)
Ragefire boots
Ragefire boots 1 Very Rare (0.2%)
Steadfast boots
Steadfast boots 1 Very Rare (0.2%)