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Monk of Zamorak

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Monk of Zamorak can be found deep inside Barbarian dungeon, past the Poison spiders. They can be easily reached by members with at least 70 Agility, by taking the suspicious floor shortcut just at the start of the dungeon. They are killed for the Wine of zamorak they drop, which is used to make Super ranging potions.

Monks of Zamorak are highly aggressive and are located in a Multi-combat area. Players walking past them will easily get attacked by atleast 5 monks, and they can deal repeated damage with their magic attacks, especially on weaker players. Protect from Magic or strong magic resistance is advised. To avoid the poison from the Spiders close to them, players should also bring an Antipoison potion.


Item Name Quantity Rarity
Bones 1 Always
Wine of zamorak
Wine of zamorak 1 Common (30.0%)
Zamorak robe (bottom)
Zamorak robe (bottom) 1 Common (11.7%)
Zamorak robe (top)
Zamorak robe (top) 1 Common (11.7%)
Earth rune
Earth rune 5 - 15 Uncommon (10.0%)
Air rune
Air rune 5 - 15 Uncommon (9.9%)
Coins 867 - 1873 Uncommon (6.7%)
Fire rune
Fire rune 5 - 15 Rare (5.0%)
Water rune
Water rune 5 - 15 Rare (5.0%)
Blood rune
Blood rune 1 - 7 Rare (2.5%)
Chaos rune
Chaos rune 1 - 9 Rare (2.5%)
Cosmic rune
Cosmic rune 1 - 10 Rare (2.5%)
Nature rune
Nature rune 1 - 7 Rare (2.5%)
Muddy skull
Muddy skull 1 Very Rare (0.1%)