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Prayer is a skill which grants the player specialised buffs in combat by evoking the power of certain gods. All players start with limited access to the Prayer skill. As one's Prayer level increases, they gain access to new prayers.

The main way to train prayer is to bury certain types of bones. Almost all monsters except for most demons drop bones. Some drop bigger bones, granting more experience. Examples are Hill giants, Dragons and Dagannoths.

You can recharge your prayer by talking to a Healer or by praying at an altar. The Bonecrusher is also worth mentioning due to its usefulness in prayer. It automatically buries bone drops and grants prayer experience when the necklace is equipped.


Image Bones Experience Dropped by
526.png Normal bones 60 Almost all lower Monsters
2859.png Wolf bones 60 Ice wolves, Werewolves, White wolves
530.png Bat bones 150 Bats and Giant bats
532.png Big bones 190 All Giants
3125.png Jogre bones 190 Jogres
Small demon bones
Small demon bones 190 Lesser demons, Greater demons, Abyssal demons
528.png Burnt bones 250 Monsters in the Smoke dungeon
Ourg bones
Ourg bones 280 General Graardor
534.png Babydragon bones 300 Baby dragons
6729.png Dagannoth bones 440 Dagannoths
Medium demon bones
Medium demon bones 480 Zakl'n Gritch, Tstanon Karlak, Balfrug Kreeyath, Black demon
6812.png Wyvern bones 480 Only Skeletal wyverns
536.png Dragon bones 490 All Dragons except Frost dragons
536.png Frost dragon bones 1,225 Only Frost dragons
Large demon bones
Large demon bones 1,225 Chronozon, Tormented demon, Har'Lakk, Smoke Demon Champion, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Yk'Lagor, Kal'Ger


In Emps-Scape there are 30 different types of prayers available. The hotkey for this menu is F5.

Image Prayer Required Prayer level Effect
Thick skin.png Thick Skin 1 Increases your Defence by 5%
Burst of strength.png Burst of Strength 4 Increases your Strength by 5%
Clarity of thought.png Clarity of Thought 7 Increases your Attack by 5%
Sharp eye.png Sharp Eye 8 Increases your Range by 5%
Mystic will.png Mystic Will 9 Increases your Magic by 5%
Rock skin.png Rock Skin 10 Increases your Defence by 10%
Superhuman strength.png Superhuman Strength 13 Increases your Strength by 10%
Improved reflexes.png Improved Reflexes 16 Increases your Attack by 10%
Rapid restore.png Rapid Restore 19 Restores your levels twice as fast, except for Prayer and Hitpoints
Rapid heal.png Rapid Heal 22 Restores your Hitpoints twice as fast
Protect item.png Protect Item 25 Keep 1 extra item if you die while this prayer is active
Hawk eye.png Hawk Eye 26 Increases your Range by 10%
Mystic lore.png Mystic Lore 27 Increases your Magic by 10%
Steel skin.png Steel Skin 28 Increases your Defence by 15%
Ultimate strength.png Ultimate Strength 31 Increases your Strength by 15%
Incredible reflexes.png Incredible Reflexes 34 Increases your Attack by 15%
Protect from magic.png Protect from Magic 37 Decreases the maxhit of Magic attacks by 40%
Protect from ranged.png Protect from Range 40 Decreases the maxhit of Range attacks by 40%
Protect from melee.png Protect from Melee 43 Decreases the maxhit of Melee attacks by 40%
Eagle eye.png Eagle Eye 44 Increases your Range by 15%
Mystic might.png Mystic Might 45 Increases your Magic by 15%
Retribution.png Retribution 46 Inflicts 2 to 8 damage to units in a 3x3 square around you if you die
Redemption.png Redemption 49 Heals you when your health falls below 10%. Consumes all your remaining Prayer points
Smite.png Smite 52 Opponents prayer points are drained by your damage divided by 4
MeChivalry.png Chivalry (melee) 60 Increases Defence by 20%, Attack by 18% and Strength by 15%
RaChivalry.png Chivalry (range) 60 Increases Defence by 20%, Range accuracy by 18% and Range strength by 15%
MaChivalry.png Chivalry (magic) 60 Increases Defence by 20%, Magic accuracy by 18% and Magic strength by 15%
MePiety.png Piety (melee) 70 Increases Defence by 25%, Attack by 23% and Strength by 20%
RaPiety.png Piety (range) 70 Increases Defence by 25%, Range accuracy by 23% and Range strength by 20%
MaPiety.png Piety (magic) 70 Increases Defence by 25%, Magic accuracy by 23% and Magic strength by 20%


For a few items you need a certain prayer level before you can equip them.

Image Equipment Required Prayer level Other requirements
5575.png Initiate armour 10 20 Defence
10378.png Guthix d'hide armour 20 70 Range and 40 Defence (body only)
10386.png Saradomin d'hide armour 20 70 Range and 40 Defence (body only)
10370.png Zamorak d'hide armour 20 70 Range and 40 Defence (body only)
3387.png Splitbark armour 45 45 Magic and 45 Defence