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Smoke dungeon

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The way to Smoke dungeon from Pollnivneach.
A map of the Smoke dungeon, with the location of the monsters inside. Click on it to enlarge.
The Smoke dungeon is a members-only dungeon that is located in the Kharidian desert. Players must have at least level 50 slayer to enter this dungeon! The fastest way to reach this dungeon is by casting the Ghorrock teleport on the Ancient spellbook. This requires 96 Magic.

You can also reach it by walking south through the Shantay pass, then talk to the Rug merchant to fly to Pollnivneach. Walk west from Pollnivneach (under the mountain, then up again) to reach the well that leads down to the dungeon.

Players need to have a Facemask or a Slayer helmet equipped to be able to survive in the dungeon. If they do not have such an item equipped, the player will constantly take damage. There is a facemask lying down in the dungeon just next to Velrak the Explorer.

In the dungeon are several Slayer monsters, ranging from weak to very powerful. They can drop certain keys, like the Chest key, that can be used to unlock the Burnt chest near the Aberrant spectres. Players can get various cosmetic items from this chest.
Monsters might also drop other keys, shaped in a pentagon, circle, square, triangle and cross. Bring these keys to Velrak the Explorer, at the start of the dungeon, to receive a Steel key ring. Players can walk through the gates at the end of the dungeon with the Steel key ring, to try and take on the Smoke demon champion, currently the highest Monster of Emps-World.