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The Jad minigame is a solo and safe minigame. This means you will have to do this minigame on your own without help from others, and that your items are all safe if you die. In the Jad minigame you have to beat 63 rounds/waves to win the minigame. However, for each round you complete you will get an amount of Tokkul if you do not manage to pass all the rounds.

The ultimate reward for the Jad minigame is the Fire cape.

You can reach the Jad minigame by travelling to the Obsidian caves. You can directly teleport to the Obsidian caves by using a Ring of duelling, but you can also reach it by going to Port Sarim, then take the boat for 30 coins to Karamja and then walk westwards to the Karamja volcano. Once you reach the volcano you have to climb down a rock and then enter the entrance to the Obsidian caves.

Once you are in the Obsidian caves you walk north to a banker and the entrance to the Jad minigame. First prepare your gear for the minigame, then walk through the entrance to start the game.

Recommended gear

In order to be able to complete all the rounds, you should use Range. You can make use of safe spots in the Jad minigame area to prevent most melee attacks. A Range level of 80 or higher and a Defence level of 80 or higher is recommended. 41 Prayer is definitely needed if you want to complete the full minigame.

Recommended range gear:

Recommended equipment:

Recommended weapons:

Recommended inventory:

The Saradomin brews will heal you quite some Hitpoints when you take damage and provide extra defence for incoming attacks. Make sure you have enough ammo to finish the whole minigame, if you're planning to do so. Bring at least 1000 ammo or more.

If you choose to use Void knight, you can choose to bring a void melee helm and a saradomin godsword to aid you in prayer restoration by switching to the helm and using the godsword's special attack on weaker enemies, such as Tz-kek.

The minigame

Now, when you have put all your gear together you should enter the minigame. Once you enter the minigame your character will automatically walk towards the center of the area. After that you can move freely, you should search for your safe spot where you should stay as much as possible.

You will start with wave 1, and you have to slay your way through 63 waves to win the minigame. Each wave will end when you have killed every monster in the wave. During the fights you may log out without losing your progress: you will start on the same wave when you log in again. The waves contain many different monsters, becoming stronger and with more monsters once you reach higher waves:

Level Monster Hitpoints Attack style Special
22 Tz-Kih 30 Melee Lowers your prayer points with 3 with every attack.
45 Tz-Kek 30 Melee These big monsters are easy, they barely hit with melee and you're able to safespot them easily.
90 Tok-Xil 60 Melee and range Tok-Xil will be able to attack rangers, but they barely hit, so you won't need protection prayers.
180 Yt-Mej-Kot 120 Melee Yt-Mej-Kot won't be able to attack rangers so you're able to safespot them easily.
360 Ket-Zek 240 Melee and magic Ket-Zek can hit high, up to 40. Rangers should put their magic protection prayers on and kill these as soon as possible.
702 Tz-Tok-Jad 400 Melee, range and magic Because Jad uses all three attack styles, you will quickly have to switch between your protection prayers and try to stay out of range. Jad will do a magic attack when he prances and he will do a ranging attack when he stamps on the ground.


On every wave there will be different monsters. The first waves will be easy, but when you reach the higher waves more and stronger monsters will arrive. TzTok-Jad will arrive on the last wave: wave 63.

Wave Monster(s) Wave Monster(s) Wave Monster(s) Wave Monster(s)
1 Tz-Kih 17 Yt-Mej-Kot, 2 Tz-Kih 33 Ket-Zek, 2 Tz-Kih 49 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kek
2 2 Tz-Kih 18 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kek 34 Ket-Zek, Tz-Kek 50 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih
3 Tz-Kek 19 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih 35 Ket-Zek, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih]] 51 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih
4 Tz-Kih, Tz-Kek 20 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih 36 Ket-Zek, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih 52 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, 2 Tz-Kek
5 2 Tz-Kih, 1 Tz-Kek 21 Yt-Mej-Kot, 2 Tz-Kek 37 Ket-Zek, 2 Tz-Kek 53 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil
6 2 Tz-Kek 22 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil 38 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil 54 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kih
7 Tok-Xil 23 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kih 39 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kih 55 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kih
8 Tok-Xil, Tz-Kih 24 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kih 40 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kih 56 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek
9 Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kih 25 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek 41 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek 57 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih
10 Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek 26 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih 42 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih 58 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih
11 Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, Tz-Kih 27 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih 43 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih 59 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kek
12 Tok-Xil, Tz-Kek, 2 Tz-Kih 28 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kek 44 Ket-Zek, Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kek 60 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, 2 Tok-Xil
13 Tok-Xil, 2 Tz-Kek 29 Yt-Mej-Kot, 2 Tok-Xil 45 Ket-Zek, 2 Tok-Xil 61 Ket-Zek, 2 Yt-Mej-Kot
14 2 Tok-Xil 30 2 Yt-Mej-Kot 46 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot 62 2 Ket-Zek
15 Yt-Mej-Kot 31 Ket-Zek 47 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kih 63 Tz-Tok-Jad
16 Yt-Mej-Kot, Tz-Kih 32 Ket-Zek, Tz-Kih 48 Ket-Zek, Yt-Mej-Kot, 2 Tz-Kih

For each wave you are able to complete you get Tokkul, from zero to a maximum of 50k Tokkul if you complete all 63 waves.

Tokkul rewards

Wave Tokkul Wave Tokkul Wave Tokkul Wave Tokkul
1 0 17 982 33 7187 49 23529
2 1 18 1166 34 7860 50 25000
3 5 19 1371 35 8575 51 26530
4 12 20 1600 36 9331 52 28121
5 25 21 1852 37 10130 53 29775
6 43 22 2129 38 10974 54 31492
7 68 23 2433 39 11863 55 33275
8 102 24 2764 40 12800 56 35123
9 145 25 3125 41 13784 57 37038
10 200 26 3515 42 14817 58 39022
11 266 27 3936 43 15901 59 41075
12 345 28 4390 44 17036 60 43200
13 439 29 4877 45 17036 61 45396
14 548 30 5400 46 19467 62 47665
15 675 31 5958 47 20764 63 50000
16 819 32 6553 48 22118


At the last wave, wave 63, you will have to face Tz-Tok-Jad at your own.
He attacks with all three combat styles and can hit up to 85 or possibly higher. You would only have a chance of beating Jad if you range him from a distance. Jad will only be able to hit you with magic and range attacks. You should carefully watch Jad as he's going to attack: If he prances (he will put his front feet in the air) he will launch a ranged attack and you should put your ranged protection prayers on.
If he tramples with his front feet on the ground he will launch a magic attack and you should put your magic prayers on.

If you do this well without many mistakes, you will take minimum damage. Only then you will be able to defeat Jad and win the minigame!


After you've defeated TzTok-Jad you will immediately receive 50k Tokkul and Fire Cape for this achievement.

If you didn't make it all the way to TzTok-Jad you will still be given Tokkul for the effort. The higher the wave you reached, the more Tokkul you will receive.