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Ice spider

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Ice spiders are located at the end of the Ice cave, accessable through the trapdoor south of Port Sarim. Ice spiders have a chance of draining your prayer points by 1 every attack.

Ice spiders are only killed for Slayer. They drops a lot of Herbs and Red spiders' eggs which are used as a secondary ingredient in the Herblore skill.


Item Name Quantity Rarity
Red spiders' eggs
Red spiders' eggs 1 Common (20.0%)
Water rune
Water rune 5 - 40 Common (20.0%)
Grimy avantoe
Grimy avantoe 1 Uncommon (10.0%)
Grimy cadantine
Grimy cadantine 1 Uncommon (10.0%)
Grimy irit
Grimy irit 1 Uncommon (10.0%)
Grimy kwuarm
Grimy kwuarm 1 Uncommon (10.0%)
Grimy lantadyme
Grimy lantadyme 1 Uncommon (10.0%)
Grimy snapdragon
Grimy snapdragon 1 Uncommon (10.0%)