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Orks can be found in the Bandos chambers of God wars dungeon. They are aggressive to every player that does not wear an Item of Bandos. Killing them contributes towards your killcount for Bandos.


Item Name Quantity Rarity
Big bones
Big bones 1 Always
Coins 1143 - 4162 Common (73.0%)
Adamant kiteshield
Adamant kiteshield 1 Rare (5.0%)
Fire rune
Fire rune 7 - 23 Rare (5.0%)
Rune arrowtips
Rune arrowtips 1 - 3 Rare (5.0%)
Staff of fire
Staff of fire 1 Rare (5.0%)
Steel full helm
Steel full helm 1 Rare (5.0%)
Steel arrow
Steel arrow 2 - 26 Rare (2.0%)