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Spectral equipment

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Spectral equipment is a set of weapons and armour dropped by spectrals which are located deep in the wilderness. The weapons are mostly known for their powerful offensive capabilities, while the armor provides attack and strength bonuses rivaling those of some of the best armour in Emps-World.

Spectral equipment is obtained in their corrupt states which are degradable: once degraded, they become untradeable and can only be repaired by using spectral energy on them, with every 2 energy used giving one charge. Repairing corrupt equipment completely will return them to their tradeable state. After 3,000 hits, they will crumble into dust if not repaired, or will turn into energy if lost in the wilderness. Players can upgrade spectral equipment into their non-corrupt versions with 6,000 energy each, or 50 energy each for Morrigan's throwing axes and javelins; this improves their stats and requirements, improves their total charges to 6,000, and – for the weapons – gives them a special attack but makes them untradeable.


Item Name Special attack
Vesta's longsword
Vesta's longsword (corrupt) High maxhit, 25% energy
Vesta's spear
Vesta's spear (corrupt) Very high maxhit, split into one strong hit and three weak hits, 50% energy
Statius's warhammer
Statius's warhammer (corrupt) Lowers target's defence by 10%, 50% energy
Morrigan's javelin
Morrigan's javelin (corrupt) Applies a damage-over-time effect that lasts for 6 seconds, 60% energy
Morrigan's throwing axe
Morrigan's throwing axe (corrupt) High maxhit, 30% energy
Zuriel's staff
Zuriel's staff (corrupt) N/A, autocasts Zuriel's Barrage


Item Name
Vesta's chainbody
Vesta's plateskirt
Vesta's armour (corrupt)
Statius's full helm
Statius's platebody
Statius's platelegs
Statius's armour (corrupt)
Morrigan's coif
Morrigan's leather body
Morrigan's leather chaps
Morrigan's armour (corrupt)
Zuriel's hood
Zuriel's robe top
Zuriel's robe bottoms
Zuriel's robes (corrupt)