Morrigan's armour

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Morrigan's armour is a strong set of Ancient armour dropped by the Spectral cultivator. Any piece of the set requires 78 Ranged and Defence to be equipped. Morrigan's armour boasts some of the highest Ranged Strength bonuses of any armor set, rivaling popular armours like Armadyl and Void offensively.

Morrigan's armour has a similar corrupt version, which requires a lower Defence level and provides less bonuses.

Any piece of Morrigan's armour, once used in combat, degrades into an untradable state and can only be repaired through the use of Ancient energy; however, if the armour is completely recharged, it will not become tradable once again. If all 6,000 charges are used up without repair, the armour will revert back to its corrupt state and can be upgraded and traded once again.

Image Item
Morrigan's coif
Morrigan's leather body
Morrigan's leather chaps