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Barrows armour

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Barrows armours are six unique armour sets obtainable as drops from the Barrows Brothers minigame.

Any piece of Barrows armour is degradable and will gradually degrade into a broken state while used in combat, possessing a total of 5,000 charges per part. The parts are only tradeable when they are completely full of charges or completely broken. If the user dies and drops the parts, their broken versions will be dropped. The sets can be repaired by Bob at any state for a total coin fee of up to 994,600 gp, depending on how many charges missing. Players may also repair them at a repair bench in a player-owned house for a total reduced fee of up to 785,734 gp.

Set effects

Each set of Barrows armour has a unique special effect that can only be activated when all of the set's parts are equipped.

Item sets

All of the parts of a set can be combined together at the Grand exchange into a single item set, allowing it to be easily moved, traded, and stored. Additionally, this process can be reversed to retrieve all of the parts. In order to successfully combine any set of Barrows armour, all of the parts must be fully repaired.

Item Name Set effect
Verac's armour
Verac's armour Provides a 40% chance to ignore 75% of your opponent's defence and protection prayers
Dharok's armour
Dharok's armour Increases max hit the lower your hitpoints become
Torag's armour
Torag's armour Provides 10 damage soaking bonus
Guthan's armour
Guthan's armour Provides 20% lifesteal bonus
Karil's armour
Karil's armour Provides a 40% chance to let your next auto attack be 0.5 seconds faster
Ahrim's robes
Ahrim's robes Increases spell effects by 25%