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Steel key ring

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4446.png The Steel key ring enables a group of players to enter the last room of the Smoke dungeon, where you can find the Smoke demon champion.

In order to create the Steel ring key you need 90 Slayer to obtain the following keys first:

11040.png Square Key - dropped by Smoke devils
11041.png Triangle Key - dropped by Skeleton heroes
11042.png Circle Key - dropped by Goraks
11039.png Cross Key - dropped by Nechryaels
11043.png Pentagon Key - dropped by Dark beasts

Once you have obtained all five keys, you need to take them with you to Velrak the Explorer. The man standing at the start of the dungeon, near the rope. Talk with him and he will make the Steel ring key for you.

The Steel ring key is untradeable and will be drop upon death.