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*[[Castle-wars]] hood (red)
*[[Castle-wars]] hood (red)
*[[Castle-wars]] cape (red)
*[[Castle-wars]] cape (red)
*[[Decorative armour]]
*[[Decorative sword]]s
*[[Gilded armour]]
*[[Gilded armour]]
*[[Black cavalier]]
*[[Black cavalier]]

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Cosmetic items are wearable items that players use to create outfits and combine outfits. Generally these items have weak or no bonuses at all and are only used for the looks or to show-off wealth.

Donator items

See for more information about donator items here.

Donator wings

Moreover some wings can be used in the Godwars dungeon for protection from the respective alliance.

Donator whips

Donator whips are just as strong as the Abyssal whip, but feature nice colors!

Donator blades

Donator blades are stronger than the Saradomin sword, but slower in attack speed!

Donator H'ween masks

Donator Partyhats

Donator Santa hats

Old-school rares

A list of highly valuable cosmetic items that are not obtainable in any way inside the game other than by buying them off players.

Cosmetic items

A list of cosmetic items that are obtainable by killing certain Monsters.

Cosmetic shop/exchange items

These items are all obtainable in certain shops or exchanges in Emps-World. The Donator points exchange is not included in this list.



Emps-wars, Brimhaven agility arena, Warrior's guild, Pest control, Star sprite reward shop and Slayer masters feature cosmetic rewards in their exchanges.

Random event rewards

Sometimes during adventuring in Emps-World you encounter a random event. From some of these events you can get cosmetic items and outfits.

Crystal chest rewards

The Crystal chest is located in the Dark warriors' fortress of the Wilderness at about level 17. You can unlock it with a Crystal key for a chance of one of these items:

Smoke dungeon chest rewards

In the Smoke dungeon members can get Chest keys from monsters. This Chest key can be used to unlock a Burnt chest for items in the middle near the Aberrant spectres.

Voting points reward boxes


Pets are exclusive to Donator members and can be obtained in several ways.