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A picture of Trollheim's location on the World Map

Trollheim is one of the tallest mountains in Emps-World. Trollheim is mainly used as a route to God Wars dungeon since it's the fastest way to reach God Wars Dungeon.
There are lots of trolls scattered around Trollheim, those trolls consist out of two diffrent types; The Thrower troll and the Troll spectator. Both are aggressive against humans meaning they will attack you on sight.

Location on World Map
God Wars dungeon
Rellekka Trollheim Ruins (west)


These are all the methods of travelling to Trollheim.

  • Trollheim teleport, this requires a normal spellbook with atleast a Magic level of 61. The teleport requires two Fire runes and two Law runes.
  • Via Burthorpe, you need to go through the small cabin on the mountain and climb over the stile, this method requires an Agility level of 20.
  • Via Rellekka, Once you have taken the south exit of Rellekka, follow the path on the east all the way to the Rellekka slayer dungeon. From there you start going up the mountain by climbing over rocks. This method has no requirements.
  • Via talking to Tyras guard, teleporting to Warriors' guild and running north-west.