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There are four different Godswords in Emps-World: any Godsword is created by using one of the four different Hilts dropped in the God Wars dungeon on a Godsword blade, a process which has no requirements. All of the Godswords share the same requirements and combat bonuses, differing through their appearances and special attacks.

Godswords can be upgraded into Godblades using the Invention skill.

Image Weapon Special attack
11696.png Bandos godsword Lowers your target's Defence depending on the damage dealt, 50% energy
11700.png Zamorak godsword Snares your target in place for 20 seconds, 50% energy
11698.png Saradomin godsword Restores Hitpoints and Prayer points depending on the damage dealt, 50% energy
11694.png Armadyl godsword Very high maxhit, 50% energy