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<a class="news-feed-header" href="https://emps-world.net/forum/index.php?topic=20926.0">Virtual Levels, Membership changes and Barbarian Dungeon!</a>

Virtual Levels, Membership changes and Barbarian Dungeon!

Quite a long list of changes this time. I'd say Virtual levels and Membership are the biggest changes, but you'll also find the Decanter and Experience lamps as rewards for daily tasks useful! ;)

Barbarian Dungeon
I've improved the drops of monsters inside...

<a class="news-feed-header" href="https://emps-world.net/forum/index.php?topic=20875.0">Clan Chat Rework, Barrows Overhaul and Engine Fixes!</a>

Clan Chat Rework, Barrows Overhaul and Engine Fixes!

I've decided to pick up two old systems and give them a rework to ensure that they are still convenient to work with. This includes a complete rework of the Barrows minigame and a proper Clan Chat. You'll now be getting way more Runes from Barrows and are able to manage rights p...

<a class="news-feed-header" href="https://emps-world.net/forum/index.php?topic=20834.0">Interface Overhauls, Balancing and Slayer Partners!</a>

Interface Overhauls, Balancing and Slayer Partners!

I've prepared a few changes and QoL improvements with this update. I've also dedicated some time into rewriting old systems to make sure certain skills in the game are enjoyable and convenient to interact with.

Slayer Partners
You are now able to share and...

<a class="news-feed-header" href="https://emps-world.net/forum/index.php?topic=20799.0">Water Reflections, Bugfixes and Engine Improvements!</a>

Water Reflections, Bugfixes and Engine Improvements!

Get your gaming PCs ready, I've added a HD water simulation! Just kidding, the water code runs fast on slow GPUs as well.

HD Water #2
I've overhauled the way water planes are calculated. This block will be a little technical, if you're not interested in it...

<a class="news-feed-header" href="https://emps-world.net/forum/index.php?topic=20696.0">Taunts, NPC combat, Yk'Lagor and more!</a>

Taunts, NPC combat, Yk'Lagor and more!

I've got a few interesting game changes ready and am proud to present our 3rd group boss to you: Yk'Lagor. Who is dropping brand new level 85 Magic weapons.

Shield Specials
I've added a new button to the attack interface, the Shield Special ability. Differ...