Double Experience Weekend

It's been a while since the last Double Experience Weekend was announced! I'm happy to tell you that there will be one starting on Friday afternoon, 30th of March until 2nd of April! Start preparing now to get the maximum experience out of it as possible. During the weekend mini...

Interface Overhauls, Balancing and Slayer Partners!

I've prepared a few changes and QoL improvements with this update. I've also dedicated some time into rewriting old systems to make sure certain skills in the game are enjoyable and convenient to interact with.

Slayer Partners
You are now able to share and...

Water Reflections, Bugfixes and Engine Improvements!

Get your gaming PCs ready, I've added a HD water simulation! Just kidding, the water code runs fast on slow GPUs as well.

HD Water #2
I've overhauled the way water planes are calculated. This block will be a little technical, if you're not interested in it...

Taunts, NPC combat, Yk'Lagor and more!

I've got a few interesting game changes ready and am proud to present our 3rd group boss to you: Yk'Lagor. Who is dropping brand new level 85 Magic weapons.

Shield Specials
I've added a new button to the attack interface, the Shield Special ability. Differ...

Bugfixes and Wilderness PvM Improvements

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! In this update I'm attempting to fix a few annoying issues and am improving certain aspects of the game. Please take your time and read through the changes.

Boss Instances
I wasn't really satisf...