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(Monsters that drop {{PAGENAME}})
(Monsters that drop {{PAGENAME}})
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===Monsters that drop {{PAGENAME}}===
===Monsters that drop {{PAGENAME}}===
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant cyclops|combat=82|quantity=1|rarity=0.3}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant cyclops|combat=82|quantity=1|rarity=400}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant dark beast|combat=120|quantity=1|rarity=0.4}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant dark beast|combat=120|quantity=1|rarity=277}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant demon|combat=98|quantity=1|rarity=0.3}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant demon|combat=98|quantity=1|rarity=312}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant dragon|combat=133|quantity=1|rarity=0.4}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant dragon|combat=133|quantity=1|rarity=250}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant hellhound|combat=90|quantity=1|rarity=0.3}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant hellhound|combat=90|quantity=1|rarity=333}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant knight|combat=126|quantity=1|rarity=0.4}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant knight|combat=126|quantity=1|rarity=263}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant ork|combat=104|quantity=1|rarity=0.3}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant ork|combat=104|quantity=1|rarity=303}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant vampyre|combat=68|quantity=1|rarity=0.3}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant vampyre|combat=68|quantity=1|rarity=384}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant werewolf|combat=75|quantity=1|rarity=0.3}}
{{ItemDrops|monster=Revenant werewolf|combat=75|quantity=1|rarity=344}}

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Zamorak statuette
Zamorak statuette
Tradeable unknown
Equipable unknown
Stackable unknown
Noteable unknown
Destroy unknown
General store unknown
Low alch unknown
High alch unknown
Weight unknown
You have a Zamorak statuette.

The Zamorak statuette can be received as a very rare drop from some Revenants. This artifact is worth 1,000,000 coins in the General store and serves no further purpose other than its value.

Monsters that drop Zamorak statuette

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Revenant cyclops 82 1 Very rare (1 in 400 kills)
Revenant dark beast 120 1 Very rare (1 in 277 kills)
Revenant demon 98 1 Very rare (1 in 312 kills)
Revenant dragon 133 1 Very rare (1 in 250 kills)
Revenant hellhound 90 1 Very rare (1 in 333 kills)
Revenant knight 126 1 Very rare (1 in 263 kills)
Revenant ork 104 1 Very rare (1 in 303 kills)
Revenant vampyre 68 1 Very rare (1 in 384 kills)
Revenant werewolf 75 1 Very rare (1 in 344 kills)