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Artefacts are ancient pieces of crafts that can be obtained as a drop from Revenants. They serve no purpose, but can usually be sold for a large amount of coins to the General store. There are several types of artefacts, one worth more than the other.

An artefact of high value often protects as first item over most other items in the Wilderness. Artefacts also prevent players from teleporting, making it dangerous to linger around after receiving a high valued drop like this.

They can also be used as currency, as their value does not change whatsoever.

Image Artefact Value
14885.png Zamorak medallion 800,000
14882.png Ruby chalice 1,000,000
14883.png Guthixian brazier 1,200,000
14881.png Bandos statuette 1,400,000
14880.png Saradomin statuette 1,600,000
14884.png Armadyl totem 1,800,000
14879.png Zamorak statuette 2,000,000
14878.png Armadyl statuette 2,500,000
14877.png Seren statuette 3,000,000
14876.png Ancient statuette 10,000,000