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Revenant dungeon

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A map of the revenant dungeon.

Within the Revenant dungeon players are able to attack and kill Revenants for Artifacts that can be exchanged for a large sum of gold in any shop and can also be traded among players as another source of wealth. Players will first find Frost dragons in the dungeon, one of the two places where these dragons can be found.

Players should also be aware that this dungeon can be found within the Wilderness and is a multi-target zone; meaning players are able to attack other players that are already in combat.

Revenants range from low leveled to high leveled types within this dungeon. Killing stronger Revenants will yield a better percentage of getting Artifacts.

The entrance of the dungeon can be found behind the Dark warriors fortress in level 19 of the Wilderness. A spirit that wanders near the entrance can tell you about it's origin. A fast way to reach it is by using the Lassar teleport to the Dark warriors fortress on the Ancient spellbook. The northern entrance is just north of the cliff where the Chaos elemental can be found. The northern exit of the dungeon also leads there. The easiest way to reach it is by using the Games necklace teleport.