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Weapon shop

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Weapon Shop Updated.png

The Weapon shop is run by the weapon shopkeeper and is located in Barbarian village and in Varrock. She sells a variety of low-level weapons for each combat style, runes, and arrows.

Item Name Coins Item Name Stock Coins
Black 2h sword
Black 2h sword 2,213
Air rune
Air runes 500 31
Mithril scimitar
Mithril scimitar 1,230
Water rune
Water runes 500 31
Mithril longsword
Mithril longsword 1,524
Earth rune
Earth runes 500 31
Mithril 2h sword
Mithril 2h sword 2,960
Fire rune
Fire runes 500 31
Adamant scimitar
Adamant scimitar 2,918
Mind rune
Mind runes 250 31
Adamant longsword
Adamant longsword 3,612
Chaos rune
Chaos runes 100 158
Adamant 2h sword
Adamant 2h sword 7,019
Bronze bolts
Bronze bolts 500 3
Rune scimitar
Rune scimitar 26,488
Bronze arrows
Bronze arrows 500 1
Rune longsword
Rune longsword 32,800
Iron arrows
Iron arrows 300 3
Rune 2h sword
Rune 2h sword 63,716
Steel arrows
Steel arrows 150 15
Apprentice wand
Apprentice wand 23,789
Mystic air staff
Mystic air staff 43,047
Teacher wand
Teacher wand 31,718
Willow shortbow
Willow shortbow 253
Iron crossbow
Iron crossbow 3,806
Maple shortbow
Maple shortbow 491
Steel crossbow
Steel crossbow 7,612
Mithril crossbow
Mithril crossbow 15,225
Yew shortbow
Yew shortbow 956
Magic shortbow
Magic shortbow 1,860