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Security and Safety

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Emps-World has multiple possibilities to keep your information, your account and your items secure, and multiple possibilities to recover anything you might lose if the prevention wasn't enough.


Email registration

To be able to recover your account easily and fast in case you lose it, you should register an e-mail address on all your accounts. You can do this by clicking on the link ingame and then follow the instructions.

As a reward for caring about your account safety you gain double tokens when it is enabled, and you may then change your home teleport destination and your spawn location to one of the following locations:

More information about recovering your account with a registered e-mail address can be found at Account recovery just below.

Bank pin

In Emps-World you can set a bank pin to secure your bank in case your account would fall in the wrong hands. To set a bank pin you can talk to any banker in Emps-World.

To delete a bank pin you have to talk to any banker in Emps-World. After you have confirmed the deletion you will have to wait 10 days for it to be removed completely, in order to prevent hackers from easily accessing your bank.


Account recovery

You can recover lost passwords with the account's registered e-mail. If you haven't set one, it will be difficult to get your account back, but it is still possible through the forums.

You can recover your hacked account with a registered email adress [link here].

If you did not register an e-mail adress, but you did have previously donated on the hacked account, you can put this in the ticket you can make on the forums, which contains the hacked account's username and the transaction id of atleast one donation, which proves your ownership. You will then be assigned a new password for the account. This is a very reliable way to be able to get your account back, other than a registered e-mail.

As a last resort to try to recover your account you may appeal for your password at the Account recovery section of the forums. Please note down the name of the account you lost in a topic. A High administrator will review your appeal in due time to see if he can assign a new password. This password will then be sent to the forum personal messages of the forum account you made the topic on.

Item recovery

It is always difficult to return scammed items, because they could be spread around the whole game. However, Emps-World has some services to return some lost items. Be aware that you will need very good proof that you got scammed or hacked, as most issues are mostly your own fault.

If you have written down the name of the player who scammed you, report the player in the [link Report a User section] on the forum.
Please include date, time, the scammed items and both usernames to make it as easy possible for the staff members to deal with the report.
To appeal for the items that were scammed, you can create a ticket in the [link Items recovery section] of the forums. Please include both usernames, the date, the time and the names of the scammed items in order to get help quickly.

The moderators will do their best to find the appropriate log entries and will attempt to arrange a meeting with the scammer in order to get back your items.