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Ironman mode

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Ironman mode is a style of gameplay on Emps-World that allows you to play the game with certain restrictions to make the game more difficult, and for some more enjoyable.

The restrictions placed on a player playing in Ironman mode include:

However, players playing Ironman mode (referred to commonly as Ironmen) ARE allowed to trade or stake the items mentioned earlier, as well as purchase them via the Grand exchange.

Ironmen also receive this Ironmancrown.png symbol next to their names, which shows up in public chats, private messages, and clan chats.

To begin Ironman mode on Emps-World, speak to the Quest Guide on Tutorial Island before you leave, and choose the "Make Ironman" choice. This will start you on a gameplay mode that is uniquely difficult and challenging.

Hardcore Ironman mode HCIM.png

Hardcore Ironman is another style of playing Ironman where players only have one life, in addition to the standard restrictions given to all ironmen. If a Hardcore Ironman dies, they will be converted to a standard ironman. Furthermore, their experience and total level on the Hardcore Ironman highscore table will be locked.

Ultimate Ironman mode UIM.png

Ultimate Ironman is another ironman mode where players are prohibited from accessing a bank. In addition to the standard restrictions given to all ironmen. However, they are still able to use noted items on bank booths, chests and bankers to unnote their items.


  • Both Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate Ironman mode were released on the 14th of Januray, 2020.
  • The player "Jp" was the first player in Emps-World to achieve level 99 in all Skills, and obtain a Max cape while playing on Ironman mode.