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Guardian angel

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A Guardian angel is a special power that can be obtained from activating a GA ticket which can be bought from the Emps credits exchange for 1,000 Emps credits. Once the GA ticket has been activated the special power will be applied to the player protecting their items once from Death, consuming when used.

Once you have activated the GA ticket you will not receive a visible item, but your account gets the status of one of the two guardian angels. This is best notified by each login: you will receive a chat notification and a visible animation effect that you have a Guardian angel on your character. The Guardian angel only has one charge so if you die with it you'll have to buy a new one.

Few exceptions

  • A Guardian Angel doesn't work in the wilderness or inside a minigame, you will not lose the Guardian angel either
  • A Guardian Angel will not save your HCIM.png hardcore ironman status upon death, however it works as usual on your UIM.png ultimate ironman account.

There are 2 different kinds of Guardian Angels:

Option 1: This Guardian Angel will revive your character. It will regenerate the player with full health at the same spot the player died. The player will be immune for attacks for 10 seconds.

Option 2: This Guardian Angel will respawn the player at the player's home location without losing any items.