Bow string

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Bow string
Tradeable unknown
Equipable unknown
Stackable unknown
Noteable unknown
Destroy unknown
General store unknown
Low alch unknown
High alch unknown
Weight unknown
You have a Bow string.

Bow strings are used in the fletching skill. They give experience when used on (u) bows, the amount varies on the type of log used. They are created with the crafting skill by spinning flax on a spinning wheel. To do so, you will need a crafting level of 1, this will give you 20 crafting exp per flax. You will not need an active membership to make these anymore.

Monsters that drop Bow string

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Kree'Arra 580 13 - 46 Uncommon
Kree'Arra 580 50 - 214 Rare (1 in 25 kills)
Spectral cultivator 369 14 - 42 Uncommon
Yk'Lagor 1,074 90 - 170 Uncommon
Yk'Lagor 1,074 180 - 350 Very rare (1 in 200 kills)