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Barbarian Assistance

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Barbarian Assistance is a free-to-play quest in Emps-World. It's a very short quest and takes place in the village you spawn in after completing Tutorial island. Completing this quest is recommended for new players because of the reward.


You start this quest off in Barbarian village. Enter the pub and speak to Hunding. He will tell you that his friend Galahad has gone missing and that he has last been seen to the northwest of Barbarian village. You should try to find him!


Head west to Ice mountain. Lower leveled players might want to bring some food because of the icefiends on the mountain, which can freeze you and deal small amounts of damage.

Head to the top of the mountain, where you'll find Galahad. He's going to tell you the icefiends have kept attacking him when he's tried to escape. After you finish the conversation, you're going to escort Galahad back to Barbarian village. This part might be tricky, since Galahad can get stuck behind rocks and trees, and he will return to the mountain again if you go too far from him, so walking instead of running is recommended.

When you reach Barbarian village, go back to the pub and speak to Hunding again. Hunding will thank you for your help and ask you to bring Galahad to his house. An arrow will point to his house on the mini-map, so it should not be too difficult to find. When you're both inside the house, talk to Galahad. He will thank you for your help.



The Barbarian Assitance Rewards
Rewards: Mithril armour set, Mithril longsword, a wizard's robe set (blue Wizard hat, blue top and bottom, Wizard boots), Beginner wand, 35,000 coins and access to the member-only skill Agility!