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Aubury can be found in Port Sarim, the Void knight outpost, Varrock, and Ardougne. He runs the Rune Emporium and teleports players to the Rune Essence Mine. When players have an uncharged Amulet of glory in their inventory they can talk to Aubury to restore its charges.


Image Item Coins
556.png Air rune 31
555.png Water rune 31
557.png Earth rune 31
554.png Fire rune 31
558.png Mind rune 31
559.png Body rune 31
564.png Cosmic rune 66
562.png Chaos rune 158
560.png Death rune 348
561.png Nature rune 348
566.png Soul rune 555
565.png Blood rune 634
563.png Law rune 634
87.png Armadyl pendant 39,648
9106.png Astral tiara 39,648