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Spectral energy

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Spectral energy
Spectral energy
Tradeable unknown
Equipable unknown
Stackable unknown
Noteable unknown
Destroy unknown
General store unknown
Low alch unknown
High alch unknown
Weight unknown
You have a Spectral energy.

Spectral energy can be obtained by killing another player who is using spectral armour or weapons in the wilderness or as a guaranteed drop from spectrals. The amount of energy dropped from spectral equipment is 500 less than the number of charges the item had, with a minimum of 100 energy.

Spectral energy can be used to upgrade corrupt spectral armour or weapons into their non-corrupt versions, improving their stats and requirements but making them untradeable. A single piece of equipment requires a total of 6,000 energy to upgrade. Alternatively, spectral energy can be used to repair them, with every 2 energy used giving 1 charge up to a total of 3,000 charges.

Ancient energy can be traded to other players.

Monsters that drop Spectral energy

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Spectral attendant 369 140 - 260 Always
Spectral cultivator 369 140 - 260 Always
Spectral tender 369 140 - 260 Always
Spectral worshipper 369 140 - 260 Always